Doves On My Porch

Meet Nana and Nono Runabout, Snizzy the snail (who lives in Nana's hat) and Giovanni Galileo Giuseppe Gustavo the glow worm.

Their adventure begins when Pearl and Peabody Pearson, two Mourning Doves, decide to build a nest on Nana’s wicker chair on the back porch. The Runabouts open their home and their hearts to them and watch while the doves tenderly care for the fragile eggs until the big day arrives, and the babies hatch.

Learn all about doves and discover how the Pearsons feed their hatchlings and nurture them until they are ready to leave the nest. Delight in watching Peanut, the tiniest member of the Pearson family, very reluctantly learn to fly.

Cameo appearances by The Three Blind Mice, Sammy Squirrel, and Benoit Frenchfly.

Nana and Nono Runabout Adventures